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2020 Teal Area Rug - Nourison Nr202

2020 Teal Area Rug - Nourison NR202 NR202 Feature: This ultra-posh and plush Nourison 2020 collection of outstanding area rugs is as alluring to the eye as it is irresistible to the touch

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Fabric 30 CORNFIBER, 70 POLYESTER Dimensions 27 x 132 x 0.50

Featuring an enchanting array of compelling classic designs displayed in dazzling color palettes, each radiant rug is meticulously space dyed for an unfathomable depth and dimension and expertly fabricated for an unbelievably silky texture.This ancestral bordered leaf and vine design takes an extra-thrilling turn when revealed in brilliant, super saturated space dyed shades of teal, gold, turquoise and ivory

Finely constructed for a sumptuous texture and superb tone, this extraordinary Nourison 2020 area rug elevates elegance to an enthralling new level