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Thor Thpw600 Pro Kit, Pw Series Professional Grade Inverter Kit

Includes: THOR Power Inverter 15 ft of proper size DC cable with crimped lugs THOR Fuse with fuse holder - for easy installation/mounting THOR Battery Isolator TH-IBS Inverter Bypass Switch for ignition control installation TH-EXT 15 ft of AC cable with 120 volt AC outdoor outlet extension Professional Mobile Power Install Kit for your fleet and service vehicles! Take the guesswork out of installing your THOR power inverter

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Pre-assembled, all-in-one box, THOR mobile power install kit give you all of the essential components fora complete and independent AC power system for your fleet or service vehicle

THOR Manufacturing Mobile Power Install Kit will reduce unnecessary inventory, vendors and more importantly they remove the guesswork so that you can install your inverter and be up and running quickly! Features Best AC efficiency Complete quality installation kits 200 peak capacity 100 continuous output power 100 surge capacity Best battery protection and safety 6 Amps of Power 600 Watt pure sine wave power inverter 15 Feet of 1/0 Cable 15' Positive and 15' Negative 100 Amp fuse and fuse block 80 Amp battery isolator Inverter bypass switch for Ignition controlled and THoo2 remote