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Gfg Instrumentation 2811-720-001, Ec 28 Fixed Gas Transmitter

GfG Instrumentation, 2811-720-001, EC 28 0-200ppm H2S Fixed Gas Transmitter without Display Features: Reading of gas concentration at transmitter display Ex-proof visual and audible alarms ATEX certificate II 1G EEx ia IIC T4 / II 2 G EEx em [ib] IIC T4 One-person calibration at transmitter using touch keys or remote control Plug-in smart sensor - sensor replacement without opening the casing Concentration display at transmitter or at remote control ATEX II 1 G EEx ia IIC T4 / II 2 G EEx dem [ib] IIC T4 Ex-proof visual and audible alarms No need for expensive Ex-proof buzzer or wiring Easy sensor replacement by means of plug-in smart sensors Long sensor life Low service requirement Permanent status and function display at transmitter Adjustments without opening the casing using touch keys or remote control; easy handling even for hard-to-reach transmitters positions (e.g

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Accurate sensors and integrated temperature compensation provide the highest measurement accuracy

In combination with GfG's flexible control units, the EC 28 provides various possibilities for reliable and cost-effective gas monitoring

Low maintenance requirements and the long sensor life reduce your cost of ownership

The EC 28 DA provides additional bright alarm LEDs and a buzzer - avoiding costs for a separate Ex-proof horn and an Ex-proof light

You also save money on wiring to connect the controller and alarm devices

At the ceiling The EC 28 D model shows the current gas concentration on-site at the display of the transmitter and also at GfG's GMA controller