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D-Link Dwc-2000 Wireless Lan Controller - 4 X Network (Rj-45) - Usb - Desktop

The D-Link DWC-2000 Wireless Controller is a centralized Wireless LAN manager designedspecifically for education, hospitality, and medium-to-large enterprises

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Features such as auto-managed AP discoveryand single-point management allow users to achieve enterprise class networking withoutthe burden of executing massive and complex configurations

The guest account generationfunction manages guest users 39 39 bandwidth and accessibility to network resources

With a robustand comprehensive security detection system, the DWC-2000 manages associated APs byblocking potential attacks from unauthorized users and appliances, which is particularly crucialin wireless environments. /p

With the ability tomanage up to 64 upgradable to 256 wireless access points and up to a maximum of 1, 024wireless access points in a controller cluster, the DWC-2000 is a cost-effective mobility solutionsuitable for medium to large scale deployments