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Crest Ultrasonics 1100Pd045-2, Powersonic P1100D-45 Table Top Cleaner

Crest Ultrasonics, 1100PD045-2, PowerSonic P1100D-45 Ultrasonic Table Top Cleaner, 3.25 Gal., 230V For over 50 years, Crest Ultrasonics Corp

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Additionally, the bubbles are small enough to penetrate even microscopic crevices, cleaning them thoroughly and consistently

As a result, ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most effective and efficient methods you can use for cleaning a wide array of parts, without abrasive contact materials on your part lsquo s surface

Cavitation provides an intense scrubbing action that leads to unsurpassed cleaning speed and consistency

During the low pressure phase, bubbles or vacuum cavities form

ETL listed for UL/CSA/CE standards

In the subsequent high pressure phase, these bubbles implode violently

Our ultrasonic technology has been used successfully in both aqueous and solvent systems, which serve a wide variety of cleaning applications from rugged industrial to critically precise

Powersonic trade Tabletops clean even the smallest spaces that are inaccessible to normal cleaning tools for use in almost all industries Medical/dental/optical instruments and components Laboratory mixing, cell disruption, homogenization Veterinary instrumentation Automotive/marine carburetor/bearing parts, injectors Electronics solder and flux residues on circuit boards and assemblies Air and filter technology electrostatic air filters, oil filters, respirator masks, air conditioner parts, valves Mechanical engineering machinery parts, valves, assemblies Food and beverage valves, injectors and extrusion dies Body shops nozzle and coating holders

Powersonic trade Tabletops start cleaning - depending on the application - without additional cleaning agents

Technology that moves Ceramically enhanced transducer technology Homogeneous sound field, energy distribution, and prevention of standing waves using frequency modulation sweep Deep-drawn stainless steel cleaning tank with rounded corners for easy cleaning Industrial bonded transducer assembly Intrinsically safe heater with dry-run protection Digital power control of the ultrasonic generator provides consistent cleaning results regardless of tank temperature

That same high performance technology has been transferred to our new line of Powersonic trade Tabletop cleaners

This is called cavitation

Ultrasonic energy introduced into a solution causes alternating patterns of low and high pressure phases

Has been a leader in the precision ultrasonic cleaning industry